Country: Afghanistan  
Student Population:
Continent: Asia

Kardan Institute of Higher Education is a well-recognized higher educational institution, registered with the Ministry of Higher Education Afghanistan, under license number 001. Kardan gets its name from a Dari word ©'1/'F, which means professional, and the logo portrays the name in Dari. The name clearly and simply explains the vision,to graduate professionals.Currently Kardan is offering undergraduate level programs in business administration, information technology, economics, computer sciences, law and political science. Furthermore, Kardan offers one-year diploma level programs in English language,business administration and information technology; two-year diploma level programs in civil engineering and banking. Kardan offers CAT/ACCA training program as well. In 2010, Kardan will be offering professional development trainings, workshops, clinics and seminars targeted to private profit and not-for-profit businesses, and governmental and non-governmental agencies, through Kardan Professional Development Center.

Kardan offers these programs in different timings during the day, which is highly pertinent for the students who are full-time employed. All the programs are being offered by highly qualified, experienced and dedicated professors and lecturers. In addition, not only the faculty members but also the staff members, at Kardan, clearly understand the vision and the goals and they put exceptional efforts in making professionals from every single student. The students have also realized the fact that Kardan is the place where they can become professionals; therefore, it makes it the dream of every Afghan citizen to be enrolled in Kardan.



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