Country: South Africa  
Student Population:
Continent: Africa


Walter Sisulu University (WSU) will be a leading African comprehensive university focusing on innovative educational, research and community partnership programmes that are responsive to local, regional, national development priorities, and cognisant of continental and international imperatives.


In pursuit of its vision as a developmental university, WSU will:

* Provide an educationally vibrant and enabling environment conducive to the advancement of quality academic, moral, cultural and technological learner-centred education for holistic intellectual empowerment, growth and effective use of information;
* Provide and maintain the highest possible standards in innovative learning and teaching, applied, basic and community-based research and community partnerships in cooperation with development agencies, the public and private sectors;
* Provide affordable, appropriate, career-focused and professional programmes that address rural development and urban renewal with primary emphasis on science, technology and development studies;
* Create a new generation of highly-skilled graduates capable of understanding and addressing complex societal challenges, with critical scholarly and entrepreneurial attributes grounded on morally sound work ethics and responsible leadership.

As a unique comprehensive University, WSU will offer students a wealth of academic choices together with articulation and mobility across the qualifications spectrum - ranging from certificates to diplomas and degrees.

Higher Education institutions today must ensure their viability and relevance and serve the needs of their clients, the government, commerce and industry and the communities in which they are located. The investment of taxpayers' funds into higher education demands a return in the form of graduates who are equipped to drive the economy.

Strategically located within the Eastern Cape, WSU straddles a vast spectrum of the urban and rural divide of the region. This provides the University with the platform to engage intensely with the drivers of development so that an appropriate programme and research mix can be formulated that will profile the advantages of both university and technikon programmes.

It is envisaged that WSU will be a strong, vibrant and viable institution with a host of investment and growth opportunities for research and development partnerships between the academic, governmental, non-governmental and corporate environments. This will guarantee the advancement of the national agenda for protracted delivery.

In the changing landscape of South Africa WALTER SISULU UNIVERSITY is confident that it can build the foundations of a proud legacy for future generations in this century of African Renaissance.



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